Comprehensive Plan Resources

Comprehensive Plan Periodic Updates in Pierce County

Find information on Comprehensive Plan Periodic Updates across SSHA3P member governments, including draft plans, timelines for public engagement, and how to get involved.

WA State Department of Commerce Resources
General Comprehensive Plan

Housing Element Guidance
 WebinarWebinar SlidesFinal Guidance
Final Guidance Book 1: Establishing Housing Targets for your Community – including final projected housing needs and allocation guidanceGuidance and Data for Updating Housing Elements #1 WebinarPresentation slidesEstablishing Housing Targets Final Guidance
Final Guidance Book 2: Guidance for Updating your Housing Element – including final land capacity and adequate provisions guidanceGuidance and Data for Updating Housing Elements #2 WebinarPresentation slidesGuidance for Updating your Housing Element – Including Guidance on Land Capacity Analysis and Making Adequate Provisions

Appendix B – Adequate Provisions Checklists
Final Guidance Book 3: Guidance for Addressing Racially Disparate ImpactsUpdating your Housing Element: Racially Disparate Impacts TrainingPresentation slidesRacially Disparate Impacts Final Guidance

2023 State Housing Legislation
Middle Housing & ADUs
  • Planning for Middle Housing – Includes the following:
    • Information on HB 1110 Middle Housing Model Ordinances
    • ADU Guidance and resources
    • Middle Housing communication materials
    • Middle Housing pro forma tool for the Puget Sound Region
    • Objective Design Standards Toolkit

Racially Disparate Impacts
Communication About Housing
Pierce County Resources
Data & Policy Toolkits
Data – GeneralCDC/ATSDRSocial Vulnerability IndexCreated to help identify communities that need support during disasters. Index ranks tracts on 16 factors including poverty and crowded housing
OFMWashington Data and ResearchData on community demographics, housing, economy, etc.
Policy MapPolicyMapProvides easy access to data from Census and other data sources
PSRCPSRC Community Profiles 
US CensusOntheMapData on workforce, resident work patterns, and commuting
Data – HousingEviction LabEviction Lab 
HUDComprehensive Housing Affordability StrategyData on housing need
HUDFair Market Rent and Income Limit Data 
Local Housing SolutionsHousing Needs Assessment Tool 
WA State Housing Finance CommissionIncome and Rent Limits for All Tax Credit and Bond Financed Properties 
UWHousing Market Data ToolkitIncludes quarterly rental and home sale price data.
ZillowZillow Research – Housing DataIncludes smoothed measures of rent and home sale prices.
Data – Racial Disparities, Fair HousingCommerceRacially Disparate Impacts Data Toolkit 
CommerceDraft Displacement Risk Map 
DOHEnvironmental Health Disparities Map 
HUDAffirmatively Furthering Fair Housing ToolData on segregation, poverty, housing disparities, location and tenant characteristics of publicly supported housing
Pierce County ConsortiumAnalysis of Impediments to Fair HousingIncludes survey results by jurisdiction
PSRCDisplacement Risk Mapping 
PSRCOpportunity Mapping 
PSRCRacial Residential Segregation Data 
UWMapping Race and Segregation in Tacoma and Pierce County 
Policy ToolkitsAPAEquity in Zoning Policy Guide 
Housing Development ConsortiumAffordable Housing Toolkit 
PSRCHousing Innovations Program 
PSRCHousing Opportunities by Place 
PSRCIncrease Neighborhood Stability by Mitigating Residential Displacement 

Check out SSHA3P’s resources on middle housing, including policy recommendations and communication materials.