Advisory Board


The SSHA3P Advisory Board provides the Executive Board with recommendations on SSHA3P’s budget, work plan, legislative agendas, and policy and program recommendations for SSHA3P member government consideration. The Advisory Board includes people with experience living in affordable housing, developers and managers of affordable/attainable housing, and advocates and advisors who work on land use and housing issues. Members are committed to the furtherance of improving access to affordable/attainable housing for all in Pierce County.

Members of the Advisory Board

Adria Buchanan
Alex Harrington
Ben Ferguson
Corey Orvold
Desniege Haywood
Dominique Cruz
Faaluaina Pritchard
Isabella Rivera Kjaer
Jay Worley
Judson Willis
Kevin Bates
Lindsey Sehmel
Nicholas Carr
Noemi Cagatin-Porter
Riley Guerrero
William Towey
Zac Baker


Regular meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM. Meetings are held in hybrid format. Click here for information on upcoming meetings.

Staff Contact

Mary Connolly
(253) 625-4153